Date: 12th July 2020


1kg mussels

Knob of unsalted butter with equal amount of extra virgin olive oil

1 x red capsicum thinly slices

6 cloves garlic crushed

Handful of shallots roughly chopped

Handful flat leaf parsley roughly chopped

Chilli flakes or cayenne pepper pinch of either to suit

½ cup white wine



Rinse your mussels under cold water, pulling off any beards

Melt butter and oil together in a large pot

Add capsicum, garlic and shallots cook through for about 2-3 mins

Add half the parsley and along with either cayenne pepper or chilli flakes

Add the mussels and wine, stir through and put lid on for approx. 2 mins

Add the remaining parsley and give it a gently stir through

Put the lid back on and steam till all the mussels have opened up.



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