July Live Show at Cambridge Tasmania


After spending a few days filming around Tasmania for our weekly Step Outside with Paul Burt show prior to the Saturday night in-store Live Show, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting some amazing locals who taught us a thing or two with their wealth of knowledge and humbly gave us their time to join us for the Live Edition.

We had the honour of indulging in one of Tasmania’s finest delicacy’s according to our team; Barilla Bay oysters thanks to Justin Gok from Barilla Bay and one of our braver in store guests tackled the four year old oyster weighing in at just under one kilo and won a voucher to spend at Anaconda for his efforts.

Anaconda Cambridge Team Manager Scott gave us a run down on the current winter range in store from Mountain Designs to keep us toasty and comfortable, Ashley Hallam aka “Squid” from Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures chatted to us about Cephalopods or better know to you and I as calamari,  Anaconda Team Member Anthony joined us to talk about catching Blue Eye on Shimano’s Electric Reels and we gave away Anaconda vouchers to some of our very enthusiatic audience members who definitely were deservant with their loudest ANACONDA screams.

Big congratulations to Patrick for winning the nights biggest prize….the $500 Anaconda Gift Certificate!  We know he’ll have a ball spending that.  Huge thank you to everyone who came along on a very chilly night to join us and we hope to see you all again soon!

Thanks for having us Cambridge.


The Barilla Bay oysters were sensational!!


Big thanks to Justin Gok from Barilla Bay for coming along and educating us all on oysters.  We headed out to Barilla Bay on our travels and it was definitely educational.

The Tom Coulson Band were absolutely fantastic and all round top blokes!  If you missed them, head to their Facebook page to hear their music as they were a huge hit on the night.

“Squid” from Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures comes highly recommended from us as the man to go out fishing with if you’re looking for an amazing day out on the water.

Big thanks to our crew, especially the lovely Brie and Jack who got married at Cradle Mountain only a few days prior to our Live Show Edition! Thanks for spending your honeymoon with us….you guys are the best!




The four year old oyster that one of our brave guests managed to consume in two bites!!! Sir…we take our hats off to you.


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